Grow Your Business

Profitable long-term growth is not an overnight phenomenon.  There is no magic bullet.  It requires sustained change that builds on your proven track record of success.  We are here to help you to identify and drive that sustained change.  We don’t know your business anywhere near as well as you do, but you can be assured that our capabilities and experience will be a new and powerful resource in your tool kit.  By combining our operational expertise, capabilities and highly strategic thinking with your vision, you will be better positioned to beat the competition and achieve your goals.

The Schatten Group brings to your organization a management methodology that helps to ensure that you and your team focus efforts on the same important issues.  Our methods provide a planning model for the company that channels efforts and coordination.  That fosters more discipline in thinking, clarity in communications and more purpose in action.  Simply put, if you get everybody pointing in the same direction, you can maximize results.  Growth starts with conviction and buy-in at the top.  It is realized by implementation of sound strategy and plans by a team that is aligned.

John Doerr, a famed venture capitalist said “ideas are easy.  Execution is everything.”  Many companies have sound strategies and brilliant plans but are unable to implement.  Schatten Group methods give management a tool for rapid implementation.  Importantly, we will work with you as needed to ensure that your strategy and plans are implemented.  We will help you identify and gather the information you need to measure your progress and make adjustments as circumstance change.  We will help you align and train your team.  We will isolate business processes that need refinement and opportunities for business process automation.

Above all else, we will hold you accountable.  People respond to strong leadership.  Leadership that is clear, leadership that communicates and leadership that is consistent.  If the leader follows the plans, plays by the rules she established for the company and provides direction to the company communicated with confidence, breakthrough results can be achieved.  We will hold you accountable to the company goals you established, telling you the truth when no on else will.  Because at The Schatten Group, we succeed when you succeed, and we want to measure success through sustained change that constantly positions you and us to play a much bigger game.

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