Our Approach

At The Schatten Group, our approach is predicated upon our guiding principles and our values.


  • In order to create greater outcomes, the entrepreneur and business owner must take a step back from their business, to create clarity from complexity and to learn new techniques and tools.
  • An outsider’s perspective is a critical component to evolution and success in today’s fast paced business environment.
  • An organization’s strengths must be leveraged to eliminate dangers and secure opportunities.
  • Breakthrough results come from fresh perspectives and insights.

Take a Step Back

Throughout our relationship, we will enable you to take a step back from your business.  The day-to-day operations of your business are all-encompassing. They dominate your mind share; keeping you from looking at the bigger picture, from taking the steps necessary to significantly increase your company’s profits and valuation or improve the odds of a successful divestiture.  Much of our work together will be done off-site, to take you away from the daily stresses of your everyday life.  Most times, we’ll insist that your phone is turned off.

Complexity creates procrastination and sometimes even paralysis.  Clarity is vital to greater outcomes.  Clarity is the necessary first step to the development of strategies and action plans to allow you to achieve your objectives.  One of our great strengths is providing you with techniques and tools that allow us to collaborate with you to create clarity from complexity.  Taking a step back from your business and creating clarity from complexity is the foundation of our approach and is a continual focus throughout the course of our relationship.

An Outsider’s Perspective

McKinsey & Company, the world renowned management consulting firm completed a study of CEOs with outstanding track records; those CEOs whose companies returned more than 500% over their tenure.  Of 600 CEOs studied, 5% met their criteria.  Of the top 5%, CEOs were twice as likely to have been hired from outside the company. The main reasons cited were an outsider’s ability to challenge the company’s culture with greater objectivity.  An outsider’s view will generally yield the unbiased insights needed for breakthrough moves.  Because of our knowledge in all aspects of sales, operations and finance, our focus on small to medium sized business, our experience worldwide and our macro view of markets worldwide, The Schatten Group provides you with that “Outsider’s Perspective”.

Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths

One of the most important exercises we will perform with you is to identify the biggest opportunities that need to be secured, the most pressing dangers that need to be eliminated and the strengths that you need to secure those opportunities and eliminate those dangers. This exercise will provide the foundation for the actionable steps you need to take to achieve your objectives.

Fresh Perspectives & Insights

Taking a step back from your business, creating clarity from complexity, integrating into your organization an outsider’s perspective and identifying your biggest opportunities, most pressing dangers and your strengths will allow you to create the breakthrough results that only come from fresh perspectives and insights.

TSG Values

  • Honesty; All progress starts with the truth.
  • Humility; We don’t know it all, but we know a lot and we’re always striving to learn more.
  • Persistence; Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
  • Discipline; Adherence to a well-conceived plan will result in success.
  • Flexibility; The measure of intelligence is the ability to change


We will be honest in all our dealings with you.  We will tell you the truth as we see it, even if you don’t want to hear it.  As the CEO, you cannot be sure that your team is always telling you the truth.  Employees who may be concerned about their jobs, members of management who don’t have the strength to tell you something you may not want to hear and third-party service providers who don’t want to jeopardize their relationship with you may all keep information from you or mislead you somewhere along the way.  We believe you are paying us for the unvarnished truth, to hear what we say and to know you can trust that we always have your best interest in mind.


As an organization, we are committed to lifetime learning.  Every day, we strive to be better, to learn more, and to know more.  To learn more, it is imperative that we stay humble, to be open to new things.  One of our core beliefs is, “No individual is the smartest person in the room, everyone working together is the smartest person in the room”.


A former president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge was quoted as follows.  “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  Talent will not.  Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.  Genius will not.  Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.  Education will not.  The world is full of educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

Discipline and Flexibility

Our approach relies on discipline.  Executing plans requires a great deal of discipline.  Without the discipline required for execution, no plan will succeed.  However, we must be continually measure, monitor and control both the execution of plans and the end results; what is working and what is not.  We must see the world, your industry and your company as it is and assess and adjust for changes accordingly.  Rigid adherence to a plan can create results which are worse than no plan at all.  Flexibility, based on current information and informed decision making is a key component of success.

The TSG Difference

That is The Schatten Group difference.  We don’t presume that we know more about your business than you do.  We don’t presume that we’re smarter than you.  You’ve already achieved great success with your business.  The objective is to build on your proven track record of success to help you achieve your next goal.   Through collaboration, utilizing our techniques and tools and leveraging our extensive business knowledge, operational experience and highly strategic thinking, you will be better equipped to accelerate business growth or successfully sell your business.