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Our Approach

We have a very different approach which will help you achieve significantly greater outcomes.

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Business Growth

Clear direction is vital to growth.

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Selling Your Business

Our approach will show you the right way to exit your business.

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About Us

Having the right players on your team makes all the difference.

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Make a Move

To achieve your goals, you must take purposeful action.

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The Schatten Group LLC

Grow Your Business

We don’t think you’ll find many other companies that play the role that we play, and provide the value that we do.

Sell Your Business

It is one thing to understand your business; it is another to understand how to reap its value.

Our Approach

We pair your knowledge of your company and industry with our techniques and tools, extensive business knowledge, operational expertise and highly strategic thinking to create greater outcomes.

We Work With

We help successful business people and entrepreneurs who seek to achieve new levels of growth or sell their business.


A Framework to Compete

The internet, globalization, outsourcing, off shoring, workforce mobility and more have changed the way businesses operate. And for the small and medium sized business (SMB), these forces are creating new and dangerous challenges […]

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Do You Need Sales, Marketing, or Both?

Sales and Marketing are two common business terms and are both important components of a successful business. And most of the time, the two are lumped together in the term “Sales and Marketing”. […]

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A Winning Team

The TSG team has vast worldwide experience working in and serving small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurial organizations, family businesses and large global organizations. Our capabilities encompass all aspects of business including Finance and Accounting, Leadership and Organizational Transformation, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Technology Management and Strategy and Innovation. [Read More]

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