What Our Clients Say


TSG has been helping clients in a wide variety of industries to grow or sell their business for over twenty years.  Here are some of our success stories in our clients’ own words.

Ron DeStefanis

In the early nineties my partner and I purchased a struggling marine supply wholesale distributor on Long Island. Soon after, we met Alan Schatten and hired him as our accountant. In a relatively short period of time, we realized Alan was not just about putting numbers in columns. Alan quickly learned the internal workings of our company – payroll, inventory, personnel, cash flow, sales and marketing, profit margins, and our competition. Alan became our adviser and confidante, forcing us to take time to step away from our hands on, day to day grind and focus on the big picture details as we grew our company… Read More

Roehrig Maritime

“The primary contributor to my success was the team I built.  My objective was always to find the best people for each position, to make sure they knew what was expected of them, and to let them do their jobs.  Accountability was a hallmark of Roehrig Maritime and we had what was recognized as the best team in the industry.  The Schatten Group was a key member of my management team” … Read More

Shoreline Records Management

“After leaving back office operations for the New York Mets, I became a Partner in a printing business.  We were full service commercial printers during a time when demand for printing services was growing.  As technology developed during the 1990’s, I saw that the printing industry had seen its best days, and was not a rapid growth industry for the future.  It was at that time that I left commercial printing and founded Digital Storage Solutions.  Digital Storage Solutions was a startup, created as an outsourced provider of high volume document scanning and imaging services” … Read More

Debra LaChance

“I have been lucky in my life and why – because over 20 years ago – I had the privilege of meeting someone who would change my life in ways I could have never imagined.    That person was Alan Schatten, Founder of TSG.” … Read More