Ron Destefanis


“In the early nineties my partner and I purchased a struggling marine supply wholesale distributor on Long Island. Soon after, we met Alan Schatten and hired him as our accountant. In a relatively short period of time, we realized Alan was not just about putting numbers in columns. Alan quickly learned the internal workings of our company – payroll, inventory, personnel, cash flow, sales and marketing, profit margins, and our competition. Alan became our adviser and confidante, forcing us to take time to step away from our hands on, day to day grind and focus on the big picture details as we grew our company.

The day we were approached to sell our company, there was no doubt that we had total confidence and trust in Alan and The Schatten Group to lead us. Unbeknownst to us, selling a company is an emotional process with many facets, phases and challenges, also requiring a lot of patience. Alan proved to be a natural negotiator with great insight, attention to details (many we hadn’t thought of) and a calming effect when necessary. The members of the Schatten Group team had a way of viewing each situation, gathering enough information, explaining pros and cons, creating options and understanding what is important to all  parties.  They were also on target with their due diligence and analyzing tax ramifications based on how the deal was structured. Our deal was a tremendous success because of TSG’s invaluable abilities and talents. I cannot begin to place a value on my business and personal relationship over the years with Alan Schatten, a true professional and a close friend.”

-Ron Destafanis

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